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Take the Narrow Road

This week’s video is #bigapple #newyorkcity on doing what others don’t. When you don’t do what others do, you get results like others won’t! Sounds like a riddle, right? Well, take a…

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Live, From New York City!

Watch my brand new video live from Times Square, New York City! I am braving the storms of life. This video is a must watch!

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The Golden Rule

World-Class Networking – The Power of the Golden Rule with City Council-man Charlie Philips Esquire McKinney, Texas!

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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Write the vision down and make it plain so people can run with it! Faithfulness pays!

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Live by Love Not by Fear!

Gas crisis? Don’t get caught up in the hype. During these difficult times, let’s remember: Don’t live by fear. Live by love. Be a part of the difference. If you…

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The Power of Patience

Stuck in traffic, I am reminded that the best things in life, simply take time. We need to appreciate the journey, and remind ourselves: Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Dig…

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