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Let Joel Scrivner and WINologyTM Performance Group make your next event exhilarating and galvanizing for all attendees!

Joel has logged tens of thousands of hours speaking in front of audiences ranging from a small boardroom to an auditorium filled with thousands. He has inspired teens, athletes, parents, entrepreneurs, business leaders and individuals from vastly diverse backgrounds to become the world-class winners they were meant to be.

Captivating, fun, energizing, and provocative, Joel is a master at simplifying complex wisdom into bite-sized, user-friendly steps that can be applied by anyone who wants to learn their true “why” — the passion within that is the foundation to success.

WINologyTM is a proven system Joel developed that he incorporates into his presentations. He does not simply tell his audience how to implement positive change — he takes them on a step-by-step, evolutionary journey. Joel has spent years fine-tuning the WINologyTM system and enjoys nothing more than sharing it with others and helping them achieve more than they ever imagined in their personal and professional lives.

Using what he’s learned, Joel founded WINologyTM Performance Group and now offers its services to organizations of any size. Just as a champion athlete must fight to achieve success, Joel and his team will help your members learn how to intelligently and skillfully come out swinging against your competition and any obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Customized Presentations

Joel and his team do not deliver a one-size-fits-all presentation. They learn about your organization, and help determine which topics will offer the greatest value and evoke the most positive change. Joel and his team’s positive energy is contagious and long-lasting, making their message resonate with your audience long after the event ends.

Keynote Speech Topic Examples:

The Power of Positive Conviction

Key principles:

  • Identify the toxic emotions and beliefs surrounding you daily that are holding you back
  • Understand the power of your belief system is the place where greatness begins – or ends
  • Learn how to develop a belief system that will unequivocally propel you to success
  • Harness and maximize the power of your belief system and live a life of greatness


Relationships Are Currency: Harness Their Power

Key principles:

  • Your future success rides on the strategic relationships you value, establish, and maintain
  • Losing strategic partnerships will cost you, whereas investing in them will bring the greatest return on your investment of time and energy
  • To build and maintain the strategic relationships you need to achieve your goals, learn the importance of honor and gratefulness


Discover Your “Why” and Why It’s Crucial to Your Success

Key principles:

  • Understand even if you have achieved success, you still may not have found your “why”
  • Discover what truly motivates you from deep within – the why you do what you do
  • Connecting to a cause or purpose larger than yourself will guarantee the biggest return on your investment you’ll ever receive


Beyond Carpe Diem! Recognize Opportunities and Use Urgent Excellence to Seize Them

Key principles:

  • Discover your deepest goals and desires
  • Instead of “waiting for your ship to come in,” identify opportunities in your world right now that align with your goals
  • Develop the diligence to be ready to act on opportunities as they arise
  • View urgency as being aware of the significance of the moment and use it to propel you toward excellence in all you do

Let Joel and his team challenge your event attendees to unlock their hidden potential and begin their journey to becoming WINologistsTM today!

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What Others Are Saying About Joel

“Joel lays out revolutionary and breakthrough strategies that when applied, will ensure anyone can reach new plateaus in life, regardless of their age, gender and experience. Joel has a natural knack for connecting with people from almost any background. He is magic to watch on stage.” — Charles Beauford; Founder and CEO of BeauMed Consultants and MedEdge BP

“Joel delivered practical steps for executing a championship game plan in your life. Whether you work for a company, are an athlete, stay-at-home parent, or serve in the military, Joel can relate to audiences of any kind and will inspire them to unlock their potential.” — John L Albers; Col USMC (Ret)

“WINologyTM lays out the blueprint every organization and individual can follow for success. From defining what it takes to win to initiating lasting change, Joel will help your attendees achieve beyond what they ever imagined.” — Ryan Binkley; President – Generational Equity; M&A Advisor; Valuation Firm of the Year 2014

“Joel helped us understand that winning is not this ethereal lottery and actually a science that can be studied, embraced and conquered. He provided valuable tools that can change lives and destinies.” — Kevin Brown; President and CEO, IPC, LLC. Founder, The Maroon Institute Learning Culture Founder, the Greater Truth

“Joel Scrivner has created an exceptional success system, called WINologyTM. He will teach your audience the steps necessary to achieve extraordinary results in both their personal and professional lives.” — Michelle Prince; Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Self Publishing Expert

A sampling of some of the organizations who have asked Joel to speak:


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