Assume the Best, Give More Grace to Gain New Perspective

Has life been getting you down lately?

It’s hard to find grace in everything or even anything, if things have not been going your way for a while. We even put these negative feelings onto others.

But, what happens if we CHOOSE to instead believe the best in people?  We radiate positivity, rather than bringing ourselves and others down with us. With that positivity, we find (and give) grace in ourselves and others.

What does grace do? It helps us learn from our mistakes. But it also helps us gain new perspective. THIS is the power of positivity. And it can trickle down from leadership throughout an organization. #winning


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Assume the Best and Give More Grace: Both at Work and in Life
There is only one way to turn things around in life if you're struggling and focusing on the negative. And that is to look up, assume to best in people to help you find Grace. Doing so will lead to positive thinking to find solutions and refocus.