Do You Know the Answer to This Leadership Question?

There are all sorts of questions we ask about leadership, and often the answers vary depending on the circumstances. But the following question is one that has only one answer:

Are Leaders Born — or Made?

I can tell you definitively — leaders are made!

Yes, of course some people have an easier, “paved road” to success due to their family’s education and economic status. The children of a successful entrepreneur, corporate CEO, pro athlete, scientist, educator, etc., have access to funds, education and opportunities that someone growing up in poverty does not have.

Yet there are thousands of leaders, if not millions over the decades, who grew up in lousy circumstances — and then overcame their obstacles and went on to achieve greatness. Abraham Lincoln is probably one of our most famous leaders who came from a very humble background.

Oprah Winfrey, Dale Carnegie and Benjamin Franklin are all people most of us would consider influential leaders — and they all emerged from impoverished beginnings.

But I Could Never Be a Leader, I Don’t Have What It Takes

If you’ve ever said this to yourself, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.

However, if you continue to stay trapped in this erroneous thinking, then unfortunately, you’re probably right — you won’t achieve greatness. But the good news is that you are only limited by your own thoughts!

Need Some Help Getting Started?

If you need help getting started, check out my book, WINology – World Class Performance. I promise, you will begin to think — and then act — like the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Leadership Thinking Is Contagious

Would you rather work with a group of people — teammates, colleagues, subordinates, superiors — who continually feel that they won’t be successful? Or a group of people who truly believe they will achieve their goals?

Of course you’d pick the positive thinkers! Positive people feed off of each other, motivate each other to strive for more and collaborate to overcome challenges. And the opposite is true too — negativism can be as contagious as an infectious disease.

Do You Need a Little Positive “Contagion” In Your Organization?

Sometimes the individuals who are part of an organization need a little help getting out of a slump. Here are some ideas to try if your organization is struggling:

Have a Training Workshop

Why a workshop? Because a workshop is an environment that differs from the daily routine — so it naturally encourages new thinking. Distractions such as laptops and smartphones are put to sleep (at least they should be for the majority of the time!), so attendees can truly focus.

You don’t necessarily need to hold a workshop offsite, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. If you must hold it onsite, consider ordering in lunch so you maintain the workshop mindset.

What Your Team Will Gain in a Workshop

Bringing in an outside expert voice can inspire and assure your team that you know they have the potential to reach new heights.

A well-versed speaker and motivator can outline the steps of how to succeed. They can show your team how to find new perspectives on challenges and solutions — something an insider might not be able to do.

Find Educational Opportunities

A speaker or outside motivator will go a long way in starting that initial flame. Organizations can continue this momentum by offering educational opportunities both at the office and in the community.

You can offer on-site leadership training as well as reimburse for seminars or advanced degrees online or at educational and community facilities.

By offering continuing education, your team will learn something new — and they will feel you’re willing to invest in them, which will motivate them to aim higher.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”– Ben Franklin

Have a Clear Path to Success Within Your Organization

Most successful organizations around the globe don’t look outside to find their next wave of great leaders. Why? Because they know there are gems within their own walls (here’s how to find the hidden ones).

If your team knows that there is a clear path to a bigger position or promotion, they’ll feel motivated to do what it takes to reach it.

There’s nothing more encouraging than knowing that someone believes in you. Let your team know you’ve got their back and when the opportunity comes, they will be first in line.

Let Me Shake Things Up for Your Organization!

I speak and coach teams regularly at numerous organizations with both local and national reach. I design WINology workshops customized to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Visit us online to learn more my speaking or training services!

Have you (or someone you admire) overcome obstacles in your life and now enjoy success? Way to go! Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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Do You Know the Answer to This Leadership Question?
You might think that leadership is for others who are born into it, but you'd be wrong, Here's why leaders are made, not born.