Find the Speaker Who Inspires

Getting your team or organization to get a boost of enthusiasm about their job can be hard work at times. Sometimes the best way to produce that spark of energy is through an outside source – namely, a motivational speaker or corporate trainer.

Hiring a speaker for an important meeting, offsite conference or a team-building workshop has nothing to do with the leader’s overall competency or effectiveness. In fact, great leaders understand just how important bringing in reinforcements can be.  It’s a way to relay a consistent message through another vehicle — or voice — that seems fresh and new.

Is Your Message Falling Flat?

As the boss, your team or staff knows you. They know your point of view, your method of delivery and your style.  So after a while, your message may seem stale or uninspiring.  Not because it is!  Only because it’s become common.

If you’ve ever worked with kids, you probably have witnessed how a coach, swim / ski instructor, teacher or other leader can get kids to push themselves a little farther (with less whining) than the kids’ own parents!

It works with adults too — a different voice can simply put your requirements and goals in a whole new perspective, thereby getting whole new results. 

A Speaker Is Like a Celebrity Guest

In addition to repackaging a message you want to send to your organization in a refreshing way, a motivational speaker or corporate trainer brings a whole new level of energy and a break from the routine.

Consider your favorite television series. You know and love the characters, and watch it every week, more or less, knowing exactly what to expect. But what if a celebrity guest star is added? Suddenly, if it’s done right, the show has a unique layer and reason to watch that it didn’t before — and it seems “new,” even if it uses the same themes, dialogue, and sets.

Casting Is Everything

And just like a TV show, when it comes to hiring a speaker, casting is everything.

So how do you find the right person to come in and inspire your team to take on new challenges? There’s a few key factors to consider.

Know Your Goal

Before you can book a motivational speaker, you need to understand what you hope to accomplish by the event.

  • Will the speaker be introducing specific strategies or tactics to teach your team how to do something new or will he or she provide a more general motivational message?
  • Will the speaker inspire the audience to make changes as individuals to improve some aspect of their lives? Or will the speaker be asking for change in teams or departments?
  • Will the speaker be presenting to your entire organization or to specific segments?

Once you understand what changes you hope to see after the event, you’ll know whether you need to hire a subject matter expert in a particular industry or a dynamo speaker who can motivate a sloth to run a marathon.

Stay tuned, because in our next post, we’re going to give you some specific advice for what to look for in a speaker!

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Quote attribution: Ella Fitzgerald

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Find the Speaker Who Inspires
Need a speaker to shake things up or introduce new strategies at your next event? First, you need to determine what you hope to achieve - here are some tips.