Creating a Winning Team


You have a game plan and you’re motivated.

You know exactly what steps need to be taken to reach your goal – whether it’s being more profitable, more productive, or just tackling a big project and reaching an optimal outcome.

But What About Your Team?

A leader is only as good as the people they lead. If your team isn’t performing to its fullest, there may be gaps in your game plan.

The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team. – Phil Jackson

You can employ many strategies to ensure every member, regardless of skill set and personality, is operating on all cylinders. If you detect a weak spot or two, or just want to make sure everyone is as enthused as you are, try applying these time-tested strategies.

Let Your Team Excel Individually

When in doubt, take a cue from the big guys.

Google had a unique program at its company called the “Innovation Time Off” or the “20% Time.” Under this program, employees would use Friday, or effectively 20% of their time, to work on innovative projects that interested them. The projects just had to be for the benefit and use of the company.

The result? Roughly half of Google’s most famous products, including Gmail, Google News, and AdSense, were created during this “free period” of employee innovation.

Lesson learned? If team members have an opportunity to bring something to the table, there’s a good chance they’ll fill the table.

It’s essential to make good use of your employees’ skills and foster those areas in which they excel. Give your team some space and freedom to brainstorm, create, and invent their own unique contributions. There’s an excellent chance that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Provide Educational Opportunities

Just as it’s important to let your team members have a chance to showcase their specific talents, it’s also important to examine skill sets that could use some improvement.

An example is a sales pro who may be amazing at attracting new clients, but might be a little weak in nurturing relationships and building loyalty with current customers – a key factor to any organization’s success.

And instead of ignoring a shortcoming, or using it as a point of conflict, address it with educational opportunities instead.

At any given time, there are thousands of conferences, community college courses and seminars that target everything from social media marketing to organizational skills. Do a little research, find programs that fit and approach your employee(s) with an opportunity to learn something new. Far more effective than chastising or overlooking the problem, chances are they’ll jump at the opportunity to garner a new skill set that will enhance their job.

Enlist a Motivational Speaker or Corporate Trainer

Another way to breathe some fresh air into your team, especially if you want to convey a message to a large group instead of a few individual employees, is to bring in a motivational speaker or trainer.

An experienced, inspirational speaker can bring a fresh perspective on motivation, creative thinking, innovation, consistency and all of the traits that will truly propel your team to the next level of success.

A corporate trainer can address specific areas of concern for a team or department. He or she can conduct seminars or workshops with opportunities for more personalized attention and team-building.

Not sure what to look for in a speaker?

We covered this over two previous posts, so check them out for some advice!

Excellence can be obtained by every member of your team and is a necessary prerequisite to exceeding expectations. You’re already half way there by even thinking about ways to lead your team to victory, so congratulations!

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Has your employer given you opportunities to get additional training or brought in a speaker or trainer? Let us know how it went in the comments section below!

Image quote attribution: Bill Bethel

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Creating a Winning Team
A great leader is only as good as his or her team. Here are some suggestions for helping your team or department achieve more success.