Go Through Tough Times and Win Again – Hear Joel Speak!


Joel Scrivner was invited to be a guest speaker on Monday, December 28, 2015, on ReLaunch, a podcast hosted by Joel Boggess, life coach and bestselling author of Finding Your Voice, and Dr. Pei Kang Boggess, an endodontist and leadership coach.

ReLaunch features inspiring stories to help listeners start a new chapter in their lives with clarity, confidence and direction.

ReLaunch is the #1 podcast in the iTunes New and Noteworthy category. It has also received a multitude of other awards.

“There is no such thing as winning without failure.” — Joel Scrivner

ReLaunch podcast Joel Scrivner tough times

Joel Discussed the Following Points on ReLaunch

  • Fear of failure prevents us from going after our goals
  • You don’t get over a crisis, you get through it — one step at a time
  • How to find true, positive realities in the midst of negative and even horribly devastating situations
  • How to take one positive aspect or accomplishment and replicate it in other areas of your life
  • Reprogram the way you think so you can recreate yourself
  • How imitation is the first step toward becoming the winner you’re meant to be

Joel also described how he discovered that winning is a science, which was the seed that later grew into his systematic approach to winning in all areas of life he calls WINology.

WINology is a step-by-step blueprint that leads you on a journey — you begin by imitating other winners, and gradually reprogram the way you think. By the time you reach the end of the WINology process, you think and act like the winner you were meant to be.

You’ll achieve your goals and enjoy more success in ALL areas of your life and live the life of your dreams! Ready to learn more?


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Like what you hear? Then you’ll love to learn how WINology is a process ANYONE can implement — CEOs, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, managers, stay-home-parents, tradespeople — and even entire sales and leadership teams in any type of organization.

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Go Through Tough Times and Win Again - Hear Joel Speak!
Hear Joel speak on the tremendously successful podcast, ReLaunch, about how to find positives in even the most devastating of situations.