How “Fearless” People Deal with Fear

Everyone has that person in their life — whether it’s a mentor, a professional idol, a coach or a respected relative — who seemingly has no fear.

When a crisis comes up, they deal with it without blinking an eye. When a big decision looms on the horizon, they seem to effortlessly move forward with none of the second-guessing that plagues many of us.

Am I the Only One Who Worries about Change?

These seemingly fearless ones are tough, to be sure. On the surface, it looks like there’s absolutely nothing that can scare them. As someone who is tackling your own goals and conflicts with grace, are you wondering why you seem to be alone in feeling afraid to take action?

Want to know a secret? Everyone is a little fearful when it comes to a big decision, an unexpected setback or major crisis — but the difference between the “fearless” and the “fearful” is how the fearless people deal with it. Fearless people aren’t actually fearless — they are just better prepared to handle life’s uncertainties!

So What Can We Learn from the Fearless?

Quite a lot if we pay attention. There are a number of habits that the fearless inherently possess that are worth emulating.

They Understand the Roots of their Fears

Fearless people recognize what scares them. However, they concentrate not on what scares them, but why it scares them.

Did you have an overprotective parent who continually warned you about the risks of trying new things (we’re not placing blame here)? If so, did their need to protect you encourage you to fear the unknown or make it hard to trust your instincts?

By understanding the underlying reason for your fear, you can debunk the reality of the fear.

They Over-Prepare, Without Going Overboard

You can worry excessively about the worst case scenario, or you can prepare for it — and the latter will make you much more effective regardless of the situation.

Whether it’s fear of ending an unhealthy relationship because you’ll be alone or financial hardship due to losing your job, preparing for how you will handle it will give you the confidence to overcome your fear.

They’re Confidant in Their Abilities

Being confident is one of the best antidotes to fear. It’s easy to worry about what could go wrong, but if you have faith in yourself and your abilities, these worries diminish.

Look for ways to boost your confidence — take a course, attend a workshop, read a book (WINology – World Class Performance is a good place to start!), learn a new skill — or tackle a personal health goal like losing weight or running a 10K.

They Don’t Move Forward Because of Fear – They Move Forward Despite of It

Your life’s outcomes are dependent on all the actions that you do or do not take, and fear will try to throw a wrench in the works every time.

Fear will cause you to waste energy ruminating, forego an opportunity, or just avoid a big step that could potentially lead to great things down the road. So recognize that fear is a natural aspect of making big decisions, prepare when applicable, and trust in your abilities to handle whatever comes your way.

“I tend to think you’re fearless when you recognize why you should be scared of things, but do them anyway.” – Christian Bale, actor

Challenge the Fear

Here’s what I want you to do. The next time you hear that unwelcome little voice raising the alarm when you’re considering a new challenge, challenge it — ask it what’s the worst that can happen?

Chances are, the “worst” might not be that bad after all! And even if it is bad, decide how you would handle the “worst.” In our loss of job example above, are there skills you can be improving on now or people you could be networking with so you would be in a better position to find a new job?

Making bold, smart choices despite your fear is what will really put you in that slim contingent of the “fearless.”

What fears have prevented you from pursuing a goal or seizing an opportunity? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image quote attribution: Taylor Swift, singer

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How “Fearless” People Deal with Fear
All of us know people who seem to effortlessly move through life despite obstacles or when confronted with big decisions. Here's how to deal with fear.