Video: “Recognize the Value & Invest in Your Relationships”

Joel Scrivner recently shared his passion for winning and helping others learn how to win with members of the Dallas / Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association!

Joel began by talking a little about how the “light bulb” about how to win in all aspects of life went off for him as a teenager. He went on to share how his WINology system began and evolved into what it is today – a powerful, step-by-step program to help others overcome obstacles, change how to think about winning, build and nurture relationships and achieve greatness.

“Relationships Are Currency”

Joel shared several anecdotes from his past to illustrate his points, with a focus on how important and valuable the relationships in our lives are for our success — to achieve success and maintain it.

Joel urged his audience to recognize the people in their lives who they value and respect — and encouraged them to invest time and energy into those relationships. He went on to explain how sometimes those relationships are challenging and difficult, but they are still necessary.

“Iron sharpens iron, like one man sharpens the countenance of his friend, or in other words, a true friend makes another friend better, but it doesn’t always mean it’s nice the way they do it,” Joel said during the talk.

You can learn more about WINology in Joel’s book, WINology – World Class Performance. Joel has created and refined his approach to winning in all aspects of life and achieving greatness beyond your expectations in WINology.

Anyone who wants to achieve more in their life, from stay-home moms to athletes to entrepreneurs to organizational leaders to CEOS can benefit by implementing WINology strategies!

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You can view Joel’s entire talk here:


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Joel Scrivner recently spoke at a DFW Search Engine Marketers Association meeting about the importance of valuing and investing in strategic relationships to succeed in life.