Category: Positive Thinking

5 Resolutions Winners Don’t Make

Over the years, you’ve probably read countless articles and lists of New Year’s resolutions successful people make, so we’re not going to retread a well-traveled road. Sometimes it’s helpful to…

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What’s Standing in Your Way of Seeing Your Dream become a Reality?

Having a dream, a goal, is the first step to success; however, simply knowing that dream or goal isn’t enough. Successful people prepare to achieve their dream. They make contingency…

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Do You Dream of Returning to School? One Woman’s Story

Whether you never finished your education or you did but haven’t been satisfied with your career choices, did you ever dream of returning to school? If so, what’s stopping you?…

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Stop Talking and Start Doing

In our previous post, we hit on this a bit. We said to jot down something in your life that you felt was a negative, an obstacle, a setback. Then…

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How Can I Learn to Find Positives in Negative Situations?

In our previous post, we discussed how the biggest difference between those who experience success in their lives and those who don’t is their ability to view obstacles and setbacks…

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Recognize the Negative but Don’t Camp There

While it might seem like those who have it all — meaningful relationships, physical fitness, financial wealth, successful careers, etc. — had it handed to them on a silver platter….

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