Stop Talking and Start Doing

In our previous post, we hit on this a bit. We said to jot down something in your life that you felt was a negative, an obstacle, a setback. Then we asked you to write down one thing that you could do or change to find something positive about that negative thing.

Now, you have to take action.

You Can Have the Loftiest Goals or Dreams…

You can aim as high as you want in life. Whatever your goal is — lose 50 pounds, run a marathon, be promoted, find true love, start your own business, write a book, be a better parent — you’re not going to get there by merely thinking and dreaming.

“So tell me something I don’t know,” you might be saying.

The difference between those who WIN in life and those who settle or lose is that winners have the courage to take action. Yes, winners fear failure as much as anyone, but they don’t let that fear stop them.

It’s OK, even good, to think and plan how you’re going to achieve your goal. But now you have to take that first step.

So How Do I Take That First Step?

Break it down. Think about your goal and then write down the things that need to happen in order for you to reach that goal.

Let’s take a few of the goals we mentioned above and figure out what the first steps could be.

First, you have to tell yourself, “Today is the day, not tomorrow,” to take your first step.

  • Lose 50 pounds: Make one healthier choice, either a lower calorie alternative or a smaller portion at one meal, whatever works for you.
  • Find true love: Sign up for an online matchmaking service or get involved in an activity you would enjoy sharing with a partner — learn to scuba dive, volunteer for a cause, join an organization, take an art class, go to a book signing — anything that puts you into situations where you are more likely to meet someone who shares your interests.
  • Be promoted: Ask your boss what it would take for you to earn a promotion — offer to take on more responsibility or a new project to prove you’re worthy.
  • Start a business: Read books or attend a seminar about how to start a business. Then start writing your business plan. There are tons of resources out there that can help.

These are just a few examples to show you that while it may seem overwhelming to stop dreaming and start doing, it all starts with taking action.

If You Stumble…

OK, you took the first step and either it didn’t go as planned or you failed to take the next step. “What now?” you’re probably asking yourself.

Do you remember in the previous posts where we talked about changing how you view failures and not giving up? Well that’s exactly what you need to do now.

Again, looking at our examples, say you did great your first day trying to lose weight, but then the next day, you ate everything in sight. How did you feel the day you were successful? Pretty good, probably! And how did you feel the day you weren’t? Probably not great and now you’ve given up.

So what can you learn from this? Something in you that first day you took the courageous first step made you believe you could make a healthier food choice. That thing is still in you and you just have to find it again. Summon your courage and try again.

Don’t Ever Give Up

That’s the difference between those who achieve their goals and WIN in life — they look for an opportunity to learn from a misstep and try again. And again for as long as it takes.

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What was or what would be your first step to achieving your dream? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Stop Talking and Start Doing
Winners know that sometimes the hardest step is the first, but they know they must take it. Here's how to take that first step in your life.