How To Fight Like a Champion

When a confrontational or unfamiliar challenge arises, whether it’s competition from a new company or a high-stakes negotiation, you essentially have two choices. You can take a backseat and hope the situation improves — or you can get in the ring and go after the long-term prize you covet.

Any winner-at-heart will tell you – whether they’re an underdog or the best in the business – to consistently win big you must push pass the “flight” reflex and “fight” for what you want.  Obviously, “fight” is a metaphor in this post.  I’m referring to being assertive and proactive in your business dealings.

Now, think of every great boxing match you’ve seen or heard about, in which the greats secured their title as champion. Every champion has specialty maneuvers that help them win the fight. They don’t hang out up against the ropes waiting for the bell to ring. Winners own the ring. They also don’t roll over and give up when the going gets tough. Winners fight to the finish with eyes on the prize.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where your first inclination is to forfeit or take a seat on the sidelines, take a cue from the greats —  assert yourself and be the winner in the end.

They Come Out Swinging

When the bell rings, a prize fighter immediately comes out the corner, dukes up and ready to attack. It’s a must to get the upper hand early on in the match.

This strategy is invaluable for everyday problems and conflicts as well.

Does this mean that you should start attacking your adversaries and competitors? Of course not! But if you take a situation by the horns and come out swinging from the get-go, you’ll have established yourself early on as a formidable opponent and command the respect of your competition.

By swinging, I mean understanding and verbalizing what you want and having the initiative to take action.

They Know When to Hit

Timing is everything in a prize-worthy fight — and also in everyday life. Often an unexpected challenge or conflict can set you on your heels.  But great fighters know they have to stay on their toes and keep a clear head.

While you want to establish yourself as a formidable opponent, you also want to be a wise one. And sometimes the wise choice is take as step back and evaluate your situation first.

Identify the challenge and then analyze the options you have to overcome it. Then choose your course of action.  It’s important to note that winners don’t procrastinate. Trust your gut, make a prompt wise decision, and take action!

They Study Their Opponents

All great fighters, preparing for an upcoming match, watch their rival’s footage of previous fights to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Then they decide how to use that to their advantage to beat their opponent.

This can be translated to conflicts or competitions in the business world.

Suppose you have a new or established competitor that’s cutting into your business. A smart fighter would study their operations and find out the areas where they’re lacking – how is their customer service and quality of products or services? Do seem to have a lot of repeat customers or one-time only?

Here’s a tip: monitor their social media accounts to see what their customers are saying.

You also have to analyze their strengths – why are they taking business away from you? Lower prices, better customer service, better products, better location or better marketing?

In regards to a personal conflict, studying how others respond and react in previous conflicts can help you devise a winning strategy for the future.

Once you know their weaknesses and strengths, you can adjust your operations accordingly — and win.

They Never Give Up

This is why some matches can last long after both fighters are exhausted. A great fighter never gives up, because they know that if they lost one round, there’s another one coming up where they can make a legendary comeback.

Keep fighting and don’t give up — even if a round doesn’t go your way, analyze why and try again!

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.” – Ross Perot

Need More Help Adding a Fighter’s Edge to Your Business?

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Have you lost a “round” while trying to get ahead of your competition? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image quote attribution: Billie Jean King

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How To Fight Like a Champion
We can learn from professional athletes how to compete against our competitors in the business world. How? Observe what they do and incorporate the concepts into your repertoire.