How to Be the Player Everyone Wants to Sign

Ever notice how the best football, basketball and baseball players are courted and coveted by multiple teams? It’s how LeBron went from Cleveland to Miami and back again, and it’s how Peyton’s replacement for the Broncos — Brock Osweiler — was drawn to a new starring role at the Houston Texans.

And when you look at all the great players in history — the ones that every team wanted to add to their roster — there are some common personality traits and characteristics that shot them to the top of the list.

Can You Emulate These Personality Traits?

You bet! Whether you’re aiming for a new career or a promotion, or want to head a committee or local organization’s office, there are a few traits that will make you the person that everyone wants on their team.

It takes practice to get there for certain, but when you shine in these arenas, everybody takes notice.

Personality Trait #1: Positivity

Happiness is contagious, and people naturally gravitate towards other people who are smiling, optimistic and have a positive outlook on life.

Think of the existing people in your life now who you turn to in times of crisis, or when you’re just having a bad day. Don’t they exude support? Come up with solutions? Find a way to make you feel better, regardless of circumstances?

You value these people because of their positivity. After all, after a loss, which is inevitable, veritably every great player has made a press conference statement to the effect of, “We didn’t win today, but we played well, and just wait until next week!”

So keep it positive, regardless of circumstance, and become the person that everyone flocks to.

Personality Trait #2: Accountability

The other aspect that makes a great player stand out from a crowd is accountability. They naturally assume that leadership position, but more importantly, they acknowledge their role when something didn’t go quite right. They also state how they– specifically — are going to fix any issues for the next game.

Does this mean you should fall on the sword every time something goes wrong? Of course not. But if you put yourself in a leadership position, and acknowledge what needs to be done differently with enthusiasm, you’ll find people who are ready to follow.

Personality Trait #3: Keeping Cool

Keeping cool under pressure is what separates the “greats” from the “pretty goods.” Whether you’re about to launch a Hail Mary pass from the 50-yard line, or aiming for a 3-pointer with a mere second left on the clock, it’s those difficult situations when the cream of the crop rise to the surface.

This plays into everyday life as well. Every area of everyday living comes with conflict, whether it’s dealing with rowdy children, or addressing a crisis at work. If you’re the one who keeps their cool while everyone else’s emotions are clouding their judgement, you’ll come out as the person who everyone can count on.

Personality Trait #4: Genuine Interest and Good Relationships

LeBron James talks about how great the Cleveland fans are, which is why they’ve embraced him (again.) Tom Brady has talked about how amazing his New England supporters are, which is why if you talk about Peyton Manning or Phillip Rivers in Boston, you better do it in a whisper.

People love their sports heroes, because their sports heroes love them back. After all, you can’t be an icon without the fans who universally lifted you to that position.

So care about your supporters, your team members, your friends and everyone who has — and who still is — helping you accomplish your goals. How? Tell them how much you value your relationship with them, and thank them for supporting you.

Relationships are valuable, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, and it’s the people around you who make you a player that everyone wants on their team.

“A man of personality can formulate ideals, but only a man of character can achieve them.” – Herbert Read, English poet

Relationships Are Currency

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What personality traits do you find admirable? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image attribution: https://www.flickr.com/photos/denverjeffrey/

Image quote attribution: Knute Rockne (Notre Dame Head Coach 1918-1930)

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